Acupuncture. Herbs. Wellness.

The MAI Acupuncture Clinic, nestled in the mountains of Buena Vista, draws patients from all across Colorado. The reason? Its founder, board-certified acupuncturist Sandi Lyman.

Sandi and the MAI Clinic are known for approaching your unique health situation holistically, always listening and then treating the root cause - not just the symptoms. From chronic pain to sports injuries to preventative care, MAI helps heal and balance your body.

Who & What We Treat

Work in construction? Student athlete? Overextended parent? Anyone and everyone can benefit from Chinese medicine. With a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Sandi and the MAI Clinic put their expertise to use in treating both adults and children<link> for a broad range of issues including:

MAI Services

When most people think of Chinese medicine, acupuncture comes to mind. But there’s so much more to the practice. As a Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture and Herbology, Sandi has mastered the art of creating the ideal treatment for your body, with services including:


Tui na




Dietary and lifestyle recommendations.


MAI’s Story

The MAI Acupuncture Clinic was literally thousands of hours in the making. Sandi spent the first decade of her career working in healthcare-related fields. But she missed interacting directly with people. That’s when she discovered acupuncture.

Sandi chose to study at the Colorado School of Chinese Medicine, the state’s oldest and most trusted program. There she was immersed in traditional Chinese medicine with a grounding in Western medical practices. After almost 3,000 hours of schooling, Sandi packed up her family and moved to their dream mountain town, BV. Sandi has spent over 10,000 hours treating patients in Chaffee County and was honored to be named Buena Vista’s Top Alternative Healer, two years in a row. She also spent time serving on the Colorado acupuncture state Board of Directors.

Sandi Lyman, L.Ac.

Acupuncture Association of Colorado, Board Director at Large

Why Chinese Medicine?

Embraced by half of the world, Chinese medicine is natural, safe, cost-effective, and has been trusted for centuries. Most importantly, it works; restoring wellness and promoting health within the whole body.

The use of herbal medicine is a time-honored practice. Unlike Western medicines, Chinese herbal formulas are derived from natural ingredients including items you would probably find in your spice cupboard such as garlic, ginger, and cinnamon. These balanced and nourishing natural formulas don't carry the side effects commonly associated with Western drugs and are very powerful in treating a variety of conditions including digestive troubles, stress, and sleep problems.

Acupuncture uses disposable sterile needles inserted into specific points on the body to release tight muscles, activate the body's natural healing response, and promote wellbeing. The needles are so thin it’s common for patients to not even feel the process. For young children or sensitive patients this can also be done without needles by applying acupressure.

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What does Chinese Medicine treat?

  • Chronic Pain

Common aches and pains treated at MAI include muscle pulls and sports injury, back pain, sciatica, tight neck and shoulders, knee pain, injuries from car accidents, fibromyalgia, and much more.

  • Stress

Stress and anxiety are a part of our modern lives, but at times can begin to interfere with your ability to enjoy life, relax, or heal. MAI can treat your daily stress and help return your body and mind back to a state of natural relaxation.

  • Sleep Issues

Whether you have hard time falling asleep, staying asleep, or find yourself waking up feeling unrested acupuncture and herbs can help. MAI promises a good night’s sleep awaits you.

  • Hormone Issues

Acupuncture can help your body regulate hormones so that you feel balanced and healthy. MAI supports patients that need help in conceiving, balancing menstrual discomfort or irregularities and relieving pain from PCOS. We also treat Thyroid dysfunction, sluggish metabolism and menopause.

  • Digestive Issues

Supporting your digestive health is vital to your quality of life. MAI treats digestion challenges ranging from IBS, Crohn's, Diverticulitis, food sensitivities, sluggish digestion, and acid reflux. All of these problems respond to Chinese medicine very well and many of our patients find relief they didn't think was possible.

  • Children

As a mother of two, Sandi has a passion for working with children. If you are seeking health support for your child, MAI’s gentle and effective medicine practices can be used to treat kids from birth. Acupressure, herbs, and moxa can be used to help with difficulties ranging from ADD to acne, broken bones to anxiety.


Phone: (970) 454-6460

Sandi Lyman, L.Ac.

Acupuncture Association of Colorado, Board Director at Large